The vision
We are the most innovative company producing natural products. All of them are coming from mountain peaks and improves the health of the nation.

The mission
We are reviving the forgotten ancient recipes of natural products. We preserve and bring to future generations the traditions of our ancestors, using modern innovative production technologies. We introduce Antiquity to Modernity.

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Product lines

National drinks

LLC Alayku Organics was founded in 2014 as the first producer of traditional national Kyrgyz drinks from dairy products in the South of Kyrgyzstan. Equipment of the enterprise with high-tech equipment allowed to start the production of national drinks from whole milk products: Chalap Byshma, a series of products of Kurut, Zharma.

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Cold drinks

Specialists of the enterprise are continuously working on expanding the range and improving the quality of products. At the moment, in addition to the national dairy products, the company Alayku Organics started production of a new line of refreshing drinks and teas.

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Кurut balls

An acid fermented solid product made from ecologically pure dairy raw materials with high calcium content. Traditional Kyrgyz kurut has a unique composition: high-grade milk proteins, biologically active substances, carbohydrates, enzymes and microelements.

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